Getting A Gift

All of Daintynine's jewelry comes with their individual jewelry box*, and are hand wrapped together into lovely presents with papers and bows, at no additional charge.

Order receipts are sent via email, and no printed receipts are included in the parcels. Just enter the receiver's name and address as the delivery information during checkout, and the gift will be delivered for you.

A small card with your name will be included so that they know the gift is from you.

Learn more about gifting here.

*For online purchases.


Yes. All orders are wrapped into lovely presents with papers and bows, at no additional charge.

Learn more about gifting here.


Let me know in the notes during checkout if you want the items in your order to be wrapped separately.

However, if you would like the gifts to be mailed to 2 or more different delivery addresses, please make separate orders for each address.


Yes! I can help you pen a handwritten card with your personalized message (up to 30 words). Just let me know the message in your notes during checkout.


Yes, I do sell Gift Cards starting from value at $30 onwards. You can get your Gift Card here.


Order and Payment

My web shop accepts the following payment methods:

Credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, American Express)
Shop Pay
Apple Pay
Google Pay


Daintynine.com is powered by Shopify, hence it is PCI compliant.


If you would like to cancel your order, please message me via Whatsapp chat within 30 mins of receipt of your order confirmation.

Please do not send an email or use the contact form for order cancellation as the time taken to receive your message will mean that your order has already been processed and cancellation will not be possible.

If cancellation is no longer possible, you can request for a refund per Daintynine's refund policy here.


If your parcel has not been packed yet, more items can be added to an order that you have already checked out and paid for. Let me know as soon as possible via Whatsapp chat within the same day the order was made.

After I've add the new items to your order, a link to the checkout page for payment of these items will be sent to you. I will proceed with the making of the items and packing of the parcel after your payment has been received.



Details on fees and delivery duration for both domestic and international delivery can be found here.


Delivery details can be found here.


Most of Daintynine's jewelry are made to order/requires some final touch before they can be sent out, hence it is not possible to deliver within the same day.


Parcels are delivered using third-party courier service and the delivery time is dependent on their schedule. You can expect to receive your parcel any time between 8am to 11pm (for domestic delivery).


Yes, I do offer international delivery on flat rates. I also provide free delivery for orders above SGD290 (approx. USD218). Details on fees and duration can be found here.


Please contact me as soon as possible (within 8 hours of order confirmation) via Whatsapp chat if you need to change your delivery address. If your parcel has not been handed to the courier service yet, I may still be able to liaise with them to make amendments to the delivery address.


If a package is returned due to an error in the address you have provided, I will have to charge a redelivery fee because a new delivery service have to be engaged. Thank you for your understanding.


Our Jewelry

You can check the size of your ring and bracelet by refering to the guide here.


Learn how to take care of your jewelry here.


Yes, some of my drop and dangle designs can be made into clip-on earrings. There will be an additional $2 for each pair. I use clip-on parts that have an adjustable screw so it can fit all earlobes. Chat with me to check if the design you like can be changed to a clip-on. Ordering of clip-on earrings can be made directly through the chat.


Gold plated jewelry has a thin layer of gold electroplated on its surface, while gold filled jewelry has layers of 14k solid gold pressure bonded on its outside.

Gold plated jewelry tarnishes much more easily compared to gold filled jewelry. Jewelry cloth can be used on gold filled jewelry that has turned dull to return its shine, but not recommended for use on gold plated jewelry. Gold plated parts used in Daintynine's jewelry are imported from Japan, and has better quality than most gold plated jewelry, but I will still recommend not using jewelry cloth on them as the infused polishing agent of jewelry cloth may remove the layer of gold on its surface.

To lengthen the lifespan of gold plated jewelry, store each of them separately in air tight zip lock bags to reduce its exposure to humidity. Gold filled jewelry has a much longer lifespan compared to gold plated jewelry, but I will recommend reducing its contact with tarnish-causing chemicals (e.g. perfume, lotions, etc) so it does not require frequent polishing.


There are different kinds of metal allergy, which may differ from people to people.

Materials used for each of Daintynine's jewelry are written in their descriptions. And you can refer to below for each type of material and the possible metal allergens.

Brass jewelry contains copper and zinc. They are not hypoallergenic for people who are allergic to copper. Brass metal used in Daintynine's jewelry does not contain nickel.

Stainless steel jewelry contains a bit of nickel, but is considered hypoallergenic for most people.

Gold/silver plated, gold filled and sterling silver jewelry are safe for people who are not allergic to gold/silver. The plated, gold filled, and sterling silver metal used for Daintynine's jewelry does not contain nickel.


Daintynine's jewelry are handcrafted in a smoke-free, dog-friendly home studio based in Singapore. Take a look behind the scenes of Daintynine on YouTube here.


I make efforts to accurately display the colors of products that appear on Daintynine's website and social media platforms. However, as the actual colors you see will depend on your monitor and/or other technological circumstance, I will not be able to guarantee that your monitor's display of color will be accurate.


Due to the nature of being handmade, every single piece of jewelry made for each customer is unique. No two pieces of handmade jewelry are exactly the same.

Work done by hand takes less energy than a mass production assembly line, which makes it more environmentally sustainable. Thank you for supporting handmade!



Don't hesitate to let me know if you have more questions. I am more than happy to help! You can chat with me via Whatsapp chat, or email me at hello@daintynine.com.

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