My story

Hi, my name is Ruth, and I'm the maker and designer behind Daintynine. I created Daintynine because I wanted to make jewelry pieces that are unique and will help to portray the wearer's extraordinary character.

Having experience in crochet since a young age, and with the love of beautiful beads, I started to explore the combination of both and created Daintynine's signature crocheted beads charms. I continued to improve my skills in jewelry making by learning silversmithing so that I am not limited to the assembling of jewelry findings/parts.

Daintynine Home Studio

The name Daintynine was created by combining two words, dainty and nine. Dainty describes the delicate glass seed beads used in my jewelry. Nine comes from the phrase 'cloud nine' - a state of perfect happiness. As I've always believe that happiness is the most important thing of all in life, and should be the ultimate goal in whatever we do.

My making process

Go behind the scenes of Daintynine to see how I make your jewelry. I'm on YouTube.

Join me on my making journey

Instagram: instagram.com/daintynine_official
YouTube: youtube.com/c/Daintynine
Facebook: facebook.com/Daintynine