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Crocheted beads charms

The charms are made by crocheting glass seed beads together with cotton cordonnet thread.

Sterling silver

Sterling silver used for jewelry body, wires, ear posts and nuts, and other jewelry findings are .925 silver, and are all nickel free.

Stud earrings




Stainless steel ear posts

For plated jewelry, I match them with stainless steel ear posts instead of plated ones because they are not prone to tarnish. When earrings are worn, the ear posts are in close contact with our skin. Oils from our skin will speed up the tarnishing process of silver/gold. And silver/gold plated jewelry cannot be polished as the plated silver/gold on the surface can be rubbed off by the chemical on jewelry cloth.

Why not use sterling silver/gold filled ear posts for plated jewelry? Most of the time, the reason why my customers pick plated jewelry over sterling silver/gold filled ones is because they are a less expensive option. Stainless steel ear posts are considerably less expensive than sterling silver/gold filled ones, so I can keep the pricing of my plated jewelry more affordable.

Ear nuts

For most stud earrings, the material of the ear nuts are the same as the ear posts used. In cases where the earrings are quite big and will need bigger ear nuts to prevent them from drooping down, I will match them with silicone ear nuts which will prevent that from happening. Silicone ear nuts are also more soft and comfortable to wear compared to hard plastic ones. 

Metal and allergies

There are different kinds of metal allergy, which may differ from people to people. Materials used for each of my jewelry are written in their description, and you can refer below for each type of possible metal allergens.

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, and is not suitable for people who are allergic to these metal. Brass used in my jewelry does not contain nickel.

Silver/gold plated, gold filled, and sterling silver used for my jewelry does not contain nickel.

Stainless steel contains a bit of nickel, but is considered hypoallergenic for most people. It is still safe to wear if you have very mild nickel sensitivity.

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