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The one behind it all

Hi, I'm Ruth.

Hello. I'm the maker and designer behind Daintynine. Every piece of jewelry in my shop are designed and handcrafted by me. My works are focused on jewelry that are made from crocheted round charms of glass seed beads with cotton cordonnet thread. I also enjoy making silversmithed jewelry from sterling silver and you can see them in some of my collections.



Daintynine is a handmade jewelry brand that I've started in 2017.

The name was created by combining two words, dainty and nine. Dainty describes the delicate glass seed beads used in my jewelry. Nine comes from the phrase 'cloud nine' - a state of perfect happiness. As I've always believe that happiness is the most important thing of all in life, and should be the ultimate goal in whatever we do.

How it started

Having experience in crochet since a young age, and with the love of beautiful beads, I started to explore the combination of both. The idea of crocheting seed beads together into charms came to me when I was looking at crochet beaded rope bracelets that has always been around. After experimenting, I was pleasantly surprised that the seed beads are able to beautifully come together, forming a round charm that is neatly arranged by crochet stitches. The first crocheted beads charm I made was a small sized one with just a single color. Hence, the name — Prelude.

Prelude Petite Stud Earrings

How it's going

I continued to improve my skills in jewelry making by learning silversmithing so that I am not limited to the assembling of ready-made jewelry findings. I have started having pop-up stores so that more people can get to know Daintynine, and also get to see how my jewelry looks like outside of the photos.

Behind the scenes

My making process

Every piece of jewelry in my shop are made by hand in limited quantites. Materials used are purchased from Singapore's local businesses whenever possible to support our local community. #supportlocal

Star Dust Petite Ring

From the beginning till the end.


To bring simple happiness to my customers when they receive the parcels that I have lovingly wrapped and prepared, and most importantly, when they feel beautiful wearing the jewelry that I have attentively designed and made for them.

Slow fashion

Benefit our planet and all living

Work done by hand takes less energy than a mass production assembly line. Making good quality in limited quantities also reduces waste generated. Let's move towards a more sustainable environment.

Thank you for supporting handmade!

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