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Anastasia Mariota Drop Earrings in Ivory Model
Anastasia Mariota Drop Earrings in Ivory Display Left
Anastasia Mariota Drop Earrings in Ivory Display Right
Anastasia Mariota Drop Earrings in Ivory Front
Anastasia Mariota Drop Earrings in Ivory Left

Anastasia Mariota Drop Earrings in Ivory

MaterialSilver plated

Crocheted studs of pearlescent pearls, Quartz, and glass seed beads in shiny gold and translucent ivory.

Silky smooth crystal pearls drop below.

Approximately 2.8cm long and 1.6cm wide.

Material options
  • Silver plated wires with stainless steel ear posts
  • Sterling silver wires and ear posts

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  • Due to the nature of handmade jewelry, there will be subtle variations from the photos.
  • Know your jewelry size here.

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Anastasia Mariota Drop Earrings in Ivory


Customer Reviews

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Pretty and elegant frosting on my ears!

I'm skeptical of buying earrings online as my ears are smaller than the average lady's, so I was initially worried they would be too big on me. But, to my delight, they are just the right size to jazz up my outfit. And the earrings are not heavy at all! I love how intricately each bead is sewn onto the base. Even though there are three (or four?) different types of bead, they come together very well. I matched them with my batik dress on CNY day 1 and they caught the eye of several relatives. I look forward to more pretty and creative designs. Thank you, Daintynine!


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Why stainless steel ear posts?

All of my sterling silver earrings come with sterling silver ear posts. However if you select the silver plated option for your earrings, they will come with stainless steel ear posts.

We match plated jewelry with stainless steel ear posts instead of plated ones because they are not prone to tarnish. When earrings are worn, the ear posts are in close contact with our skin. Oils from our skin will speed up the tarnishing process of silver/gold. And silver/gold plated jewelry cannot be polished as the plated silver/gold on the surface can be rubbed off by the chemical on jewelry cloth.

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Do you make clip-on earrings?

Yes, some of our drop and dangle designs can be made into clip-on earrings. More details can be found here.

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